¿Qué permisos se necesitan para salir y entrar de Argentina en un vuelo privado?

What permits are needed to leave and enter Argentina on a private flight during the Covid-19 pandemic?

A second wave is being planned worldwide by Covid-19. Argentina is already taking the necessary measures on flights both domestic and out of the country. It is important to keep this in mind when a person needs to travel, whether it is for business or an emergency. Every government has a great responsibility in its hands, which is to protect its inhabitants. For this reason, we want you to know what permits are needed to leave and enter Argentina on a private flight during the pandemic.

To be able to travel at this time, it is required the approval of a permit application to ANAC (National Civil Aviation Administration). Nevertheless, only Argentines with legal residence or foreigners living in Argentina with legal residence are being given permission to enter and leave the country. Such permit must be requested 72 hours before the day a person needs to travel and most countries will send the passenger as soon as he arrives at his destination to a good category hotel, where he must spend 14 days to take care of his health.

In case of leaving

To leave the city where you live, you must justify a series of questions about the reason for the trip, proposed by the government to have a better control in the area of public health. Here are three questions that you will surely find when you want to take a plane: “Why do you ask for permission to travel,” “In what area of work do you work,” and “What is your nationality?

It should be noted that the situation in each city in Argentina varies, due to the number of people infected. That way, each government will have a different control over each province when the reason for a trip must be considered. In addition, a person’s nationality will always be an important factor, because if you want to return to your home country, repatriation flights are an excellent option and governments are flexible in approving that case.

Who has permission to travel during the Covid-19 pandemic?

  • Health personnel.
  • Security forces. -Armed forces.
  • Migratory activity. -National weather service.
  • Firefighters.
  • Air traffic control.
  • Superior authorities of the national, provincial and municipal governments.
  • Foreign diplomatic and consular staff accredited to the Argentine government.
  • People who must assist others with disabilities; family members who need assistance; elderly people; children and adolescents.
  • People who must attend a situation of force majeure.
  • People who work in audiovisual, radio and graphic communication services.
  • Wholesale and retail supermarkets and local retail shops.
  • Food industries, their productive chain and inputs; personal hygiene and cleaning; medical equipment, medicines, vaccines and other health inputs.
  • Activities related to agricultural and fishing production, distribution and commercialization.
  • Telecommunication activities, fixed and mobile internet and digital services.
  • Activities related to foreign trade.
  • Maintenance of basic services (water, electricity, gas, communications, among others) and emergency care.
  • Essential people to guarantee the correct functioning of the payment systems.

With this information, you will be able to be aware of what are the conditions and the permits required to be able to leave and enter Argentina through a private flight during the pandemic.

If you want to know our mission of repatriation flights for the embassy of El Salvador in Argentina you can read the following article where we explain it in detail: http://southjets.com/en/repatriation-flights-mission-accomplished-for-the-salvador-embassy/

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