Our private flights are adjusted to the requirements of time, destination, and protocol that our clients request. Private jet charter flights provide you great benefits and cover a wide range of possibilities, perfect for business trips, sports teams, companies, and government institutions, and the entertainment industry on tours or special presentations. This type of assistance is advantageous for individuals or families who want to try an option other than commercial airlines for vacations, concerts, large cultural and sporting events.


Our air ambulance service is ideal to transport patients in critical condition, also covering medical evacuation situations, and carrying out organ transfers for any emergency.

You will receive the attention of our highly qualified air medical team, flying in an aircraft specially designed for these delicate transfers and equipped with the latest technology available.


Enjoy the fastest, efficient, and truly elegant benefits of traveling by helicopter, with the greatest flexibility, compared to flying by airplane. The perfect solution for transporting a small group of people from one place to another, as well as very valuable cargo on urban and interurban routes.


We offer our clients cargo charter flight services. Our solid infrastructure and long history that guarantees the safety of your payload in this specialized division.

We offer a wide range of aircraft, from small jets for urgent packages to larger aircraft for large cargo and tonnage.


Book your flight now and at the best market rate. Enjoy traveling exclusively with the benefits of a private flight. Count on an aircraft at your disposal, tailor-made catering, and VIP attention. Take control of your time and make your take off in less than 30 minutes.