Private Jets

Our private flight services provide a cost-effective and luxurious option for short-haul travel. This is the perfect solution for clients who need to get to smaller airports closer to their final destinations or want to avoid larger congested hubs. This service is also highly effective for mining and oil companies when accessing remote areas or places with limited facilities (such as mines and oil rigs). In any of these circumstances, South American Jet’s air taxi service is your most reliable means of transport.

Air Ambulance

Our Air Ambulance service is ideal to transport those patients (in critical condition or not), cover medical evacuation situations or carry out organ transports. 

Receive the attention of our highly qualified aerial medical experts, by flying in aircrafts specially designed for the transfer of patients and equipped with the latest available technology.



Enjoy the benefits of traveling fast, efficiently and remarkably elegant, making use of a helicopter private flight.  The perfect solution for transporting small groups without using congested airports. Helicopters are also more efficient than ground transport when moving cargo and passengers, especially in urban and interurban areas.


South American Jets offers its clients air cargo charter services from Latin America and the Caribbean to other continents. Our long history, infrastructure, and experience handling air freight make us the leading air cargo handler in the region. In fact, we have access to a wide range of cargo aircraft, ranging from turbo prop planes and light jets for quick and small deliveries to larger airplanes designed for transporting heavy and oversized cargo. We know that certain goods and equipment must reach their destination as soon as possible. That is why our air cargo services enable our clients to move their orders to any destination in record time.

Empty Legs

Book your flight now with the best available prices in the market. Enjoy the benefits of a sophisticated way to fly, taking the advantages of a private jet. Count with an aircraft at your complete disposal, a customized catering and a VIP service. Save time and board your flight in less than 30 minutes.

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