Repatriation Flights Mission Accomplished For The Salvador Embassy

Repatriation Flights: since last March of this year, as an initiative of the presidents of El Salvador and Argentina, laws of temporary restrictions of some specific constitutional rights were decreed. All this is to attend to the COVID-19 pandemic. Being one of these rights freedom of transit. Limiting circulation in both nations and the entry of foreigners into their national territories as a preventive measure against the spread of the aforementioned virus.

Due to these measures, more than a hundred people were left outside of El Salvador when the borders were closed. Likewise for Argentina, where the decision to close the borders affected both nationals and foreigners. Only the health authorities could set exceptions to this measure and the cases authorized to enter the country would have to comply with all the established health measures.

For this reason, during these changing times, at South American Jets we continue to work to help people stay connected. Through airline solutions tailored to their needs. That is why we are pleased to report that our most recent repatriation mission has ended successfully. This August 8 and 41 citizens of El Salvador who were in Argentina are already in their country of origin with their relatives.

Like 6 Argentine passengers who were in El Salvador at this time, they are enjoying the warmth of their homes.

Case of Repatriation Flights.

These are two flights between Buenos Aires, Argentina and El Salvador. Where our company South American Jets was a great ally of the Embassy of El Salvador in Argentina. In this way, it was possible to carry out the repatriation of its fellow citizens and 6 Argentine citizens. Thanks to the great communication and teamwork we have achieved this important mission of the Salvadoran embassy.

On this same flight, the White Helmets of Argentina organization has sent an important donation of humanitarian material to the government of El Salvador. Being that to support the fight against Covid-19.

At South American Jets we will continue to work for and to help connect our clients with their destinations and end goals, with immediate attention and professionalism.

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