The Japanese G20 In search of SOCIETY 5.0

When the purpose of the Society is ultimately the welfare and creativity of Humanity


The entrance to the new millennium has been branded by the surprising exponential leap that has produced technological advances in our society.

The emergence of bit and circuit technology in the 80’s and 90’s period, plus the discoveries and scientific developments like the: the human genome, the practice of cloning, nanotechnology and more, have burst into our daily life.  Our concept of individuality has changed. Aspirations and expectations on our quality life are different. As a result, today we are a highly technified and digitized society.

South American Jets, as an exclusive firm of charter private jets, have taken important steps to stay at the forefront on business philosophy and social responsibility. We have fallow the new business trends and state-of-the-art digital technology. However, we know that these changes are constant and that we must do more every day. Especially when the most powerful nations of the planet, at the summit of the G20 (to be held this June in Japan) have declared the course to follow for the development and consolidation of SOCIETY 5.0.

Then, South American Jets as a company, know that changes continue. That we must begin to rethink policies, look for new allies, and more importantly, redefine our role in this SOCIETY 5.0 … but:

What is that role we should look for?

What factors are the ones that are changing?

The economic and political changes.

Let’s start by recognizing the factors of economic and geopolitical changes.

Globalization has made axes of power, usually focused on free western countries, being defied by the new rising powers of the East, such as China and Russia. Countries that today exert their influences on a global scale as decision makers and intervention, when a few decades ago just the thought was unthinkable.

The protagonism of other actors is added to the geopolitical and global economic scenario. We refer to the so-called emerging countries: nations that show rapid growth in their economy, compared to the rates of developed economies, but still maintain a low per capita income.

Precisely, this is where the G20 becomes a faithful representation of these changes of power; the result of globalization.

Let us recall what the G20 is about.

“The Group of 20 is a forum whose permanent members are 19 countries (considered the most powerful on the planet), including the group of countries of emerging economies, and which is located on all continents. It is the most important space for political and economic deliberation in the world. The G20 brings together 66% of the world’s population and 85% of the world’s gross product. ”

The different levels at which society has evolved.

The evolution of man has been sculpted by the different levels of society through time.

To understand how we come to a society that is called SOCIETY 5.0, we must know the previous versions.

• Society 1.0 hunting and gathering.

Obviously, the most primitive representation, but, at the same time, is the society where discoveries such as fire and hunting tools made us a singular species on the planet.

• Society 2.0, agricultural.

It is the society where agriculture is discovered and developed. Society reach one step higher in evolution.

• Company 3.0, industrial.

The society that represents the massification of production.

• Society 4.0, the information society and digitalization.

According to experts, our present society is in the fourth revolution. We are still passive actors facing the technology developments, and still are experimenting and finding our way in the new communications and digitalization era.

So the question we ask ourselves, as a society, is how to stop being passive and, especially, guarantee that all this technological development is put to work at the service of mankind.


The closest thing to a definition of SOCIETY 5.0 is:

“A human-centered society that balances economic progress with the resolution of social problems through a system that integrates cyberspace and physical space in an advanced manner.”

What do Japanese have to do with this?

Japan has always been characterized by its intelligent vision and timely action when anticipating changes. So, it is not a surprise that the Japanese society is the one that creates the concept of the next level of society´s evolution: SOCIETY 5.0.

In 2015, under the impulse of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, the Japanese Government, together with the business federation (employer) Keidanren, launched the concept of SOCIETY 5.0 and, during these last few years, they have construct the infrastructure to achieve the application of the new system.

“Japan has been developing a concept to solve its own problems of aging, birth and competitiveness. The objective is to take advantage of technological advances to build a country and a better world. Nobody can be left behind. It is about putting the person at the center of technological transformations”

Andrés Ortega

Associate senior researcher at the Elcano Royal Institute

What makes us a creative society?

The premises that version 5.0 uses as a concept of society, comes from the differences that exist with version 4.0. In this new stage, society wins because it focuses on: solving problems, creating value, diversity, decentralization, resilience, sustainability and environmental harmony.

Here are the 3 main approaches:

  1. A society where VALUE is created – liberation from the focus of efficiency.
  2. A society in which anyone can exercise diverse abilities – liberation from suppression of individuality.
  3. A society in which anyone can get opportunities anytime anywhere – liberation from disparity.

Assuming these approaches, technology should be used to create a society where people can get the freedom to

“Exert the right of pursuing their happiness” “In the future, humans will need imagination to change the world and creativity to materialize their ideas”

What is the SDGs and what does the UN have to do with it?

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The SDGs are a set of 17 objectives established in the General Assembly of the United Nations (UN). These objectives have a delivery date and their total implementation is estimated for the year 2030. They are measurable through indicators and their purpose is the sustainability of man and society, taking into account the limited resources of the planet.

The SDGs are:

  1. No Poverty
  2. Zero Hunger
  3. Good Health and Well-being
  4. Quality Education
  5. Gender Equality
  6. Clean Water and Sanitation
  7. Affordable and Clean Energy
  8. Decent Work and Economic Growth
  9. Industry, innovation, and infrastructure
  10. Reducing Inequality
  11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
  12. Responsible Consumption and Production
  13. Climate Action
  14. Life Below Water
  15. Life On Land
  16. Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions
  17. Partnerships for the Goals

The Japanese version of SOCIETY 5.0, which already is being implemented in Japan, is a society centered on man. Where technology is no longer the focus, but rather becomes a tool to achieve the welfare of man, and the means to achieve man´s freedom for” The pursuing of happiness.”

Maybe these are grandiloquent words. However, what is clear is the celebration of the fourteenth meeting of the G20 (June 28 and 29), in the city of Osaka / Japan. During this meeting, Japan will announce the final implementation of Society 5.0. In turn, the rest of the participating nations will take, from there, this model as a path for the development and advancement of their societies.

In South American Jets, we will work to understand and participate in the new society´s philosophy, and make it ours. At the same time, we will become agents of change to facilitate the transition, playing our role in the business sector of private jet rentals.

At the same way, we will also be critics and spokespersons of spaces that we see are not being attended, like employment and education; and if, for whatever reason, the objectives stop serving society.

In conclusion: we are enthusiastic about the upcoming G20 meeting and the results that will derive from the summit.

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