Thanks to our professionality and dedication in private aviation, we have been positioned as a reliable supplier to attend Government departments and NGOs solicitations.

Prime ministers, Head of States or Governments officials, In South American Jets, we guarantee service with top security standards protocols, along with a competent and discreet staff experienced in diplomatic missions. We have the capability of offering the right aircraft at short notice, whether it is a Private Jet, Helicopter, Air Ambulance, or Freighter Aircraft. Our extensive global network in the aviation market around the world provides our clients a wide range of options. Recently we provided our services for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).


Our company provides helicopters in a temporary base for ISR Operations, Police Departments and other Defense offices around the United States during calls for service, special enforcement missions, and route patrols.

According to the request, the aircraft can be modified and any advanced equipment installed. We can customize our fleet according to your needs.


From small jets to wide-body aircraft, we can transport a few athletes or a whole team.

At South American Jets we offer solutions to satisfy athletes' specials needs. We understand that professionals needs go from strict meals to the safest options, and we know exactly how to handle it.

We are available 24/7 providing fast answers and suitable aircraft and attention worldwide for sports teams.


Operative commercial department 24/7, immediate response, and a wide range of medically configured jets. At South American Jets we count on the right logistics to handle and take care of emergency scenarios.

We can coordinate air transportation to evacuate communities from risk areas or to move medical personnel into a disaster zone; alternatively, we bring aerial support with first aid to places devastated by earthquakes, hurricanes, or regions in conflict.

Our Air Ambulances are medically configured jets equipped with the latest technology to attend efficiently to any emergency and guarantee passenger safety during the flight.


One of the specialist solutions we provide for organizations is the Corporative Groups Charter for Business Trips, Corporate Events, and any other occasion that requires it.

Our team makes sure to arrange the best itineraries for the traveling staff and to provide an aircraft with comfort and business facilities, so the passengers arrive at their destination with the best energy to work.

Corporative Groups Charter is a flexible solution that allows corporations to choose within a large fleet of aircraft and services that best suit the passenger's needs.


We provide to the gas, oil, and mining industry quality charter solutions that meet the highest standards.

We fly with big groups of personnel (engineers, mining, gas/oil executives, crew workers) to inhospitable landscapes where the platforms are difficult to reach.

When it comes to transporting heavy-duty equipment, industrial structures, food, and basic supplies for camps or oil/gas platforms our aircraft can complete the mission successfully.

The gas, oil, and mining industry is a vital sector where government and multinationals merge. As a company, we understand the importance of this sector and strive to be better, meet the challenge ahead and develop the best option.


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