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South American Jets offers to their clients a customizable freight to transport their cargo from any airport in South America to other continents.
In addition, we have a variety of dimensions of aircraft to mobilize each package with the speed delivery that they deserve.

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Empty Legs All the benefits of a Private Flight with huge savings

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What permits are needed to leave and enter Argentina on a private flight during the Covid-19 pandemic?

A second wave is being planned worldwide by Covid-19 and Argentina is already taking the necessary measures on flights both domestic and out of the country. It is important to keep this in mind when a person needs to travel, whether it is for business or an emergency, because every government has a great responsibility … Continued

Travel in your own style, take care of your health!

The global pandemic caused by Covid-19 has transformed the lives of millions of people.  It has radically changed our daily lives.  Thanks to the professional experts who are doing their best to overcome this situation, there are several ways to prevent the spread of the disease have been discovered and recommended, such as washing your … Continued

The Japanese G20 In search of SOCIETY 5.0

When the purpose of the Society is ultimately the welfare and creativity of Humanity TECHNOLOGY CHANGES – SOCIETY CHANGES The entrance to the new millennium has been branded by the surprising exponential leap that has produced technological advances in our society. The emergence of bit and circuit technology in the 80’s and 90’s period, plus … Continued