Bombardier Global 5500

The New Bombardier Global 5500

The new jewel of the Bombardier company delivered its first model!

David Coleal, president of Bombardier Aviation, assures that this new model of the company is the most modern business tool, with a range of 10,928 km (5,900 mn) to take a maximum capacity of 16 passengers to any destination at high speed and without loss of time.

We invite you to watch the presentation of this incredible aircraft, where you will discover some of its benefits.  Just enter the following link.

The new Global 5500 offers the desired comfort, unique style and great innovation in technology.  Its Rolls-Royce Pearl engines and new generation wings give it a longer range and the ability to offer a more comfortable flight.  For the past 30 years, Bombardier’s new model includes for the first time Nuage seats, an innovative architecture in executive aviation seating.

The aircraft measures 7.8 meters high, 28.7 meters wide and 29.5 meters long.  Its avionics consist of four vision screens, with a combined vision system available, mobile airport mapping, graphical flight planning, weather radar, controller pilot data link communication and an innovative high-tech system offering excellent performance.

High expectations are placed on this new model, both for business and pleasure trips, feeling an enormous degree of comfort and safety thanks to the technological innovations that were adapted to the aircraft in its modern interior design.

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