alquiler de Jet Privado a Mendoza

Chose to flight with a Private Jet to Mendoza and enjoy its wine culture.

Live the experience of flying in a Private Jet to Mendoza to enjoy its wine culture

Flight with a Private Jet to Mendoza

From my studies in agro-industrial engineering, the most satisfying experiences I had were the times when I went to the open fields. It was a way of learning and sensing the true meaning of the professional I wanted to be; and certainly, it gave me a better understand it.

Through those experiences, the visit I had to a winery, stayed in me as a fond memory that contrasted with other fields activities that I did. Here, the story of family and lifestyle was told. The tone of the narration was intertwining the humanity and the technology.

Those stories were straightforward for me to understand; a different way to appreciate engineering. It made such an impact that on that day I put aside my notebook and allowed myself to see, to touch, to smell and to listen every stimulus that came to me, awaking my passion for the noble profession of Oenology.

I was not in a hurry on learning the complex details about the winery. In this occasion, learning involved emotional stimuli.

A week ago, and with an uncontrollable desire to repeat the experience, I decided to travel and initiate my wine route; a reward that I believe I deserve, after so many years of professional dedication. My first stop: Mendoza, Argentina.

Why choose to rent a private jet to Mendoza?

When I find myself in the process of decision making, I go through a method or ritual. The first thing I do is to sit in my unique and comfortable place, with my cup of coffee in hand. Better yet, let’s change coffee for a good Mendocino wine. I get into the ritual of sensing the aroma, and tasting the plum beverage, while carefully, I proceed to go through the criteria that will lead me to make the best choices, which are:

  1. The value of my time. I know that to have fun means to leave aside a good part of my demanding agenda. I do not have space for long trips, much less for delays.
  2. I crave for knowledge. I enjoy technological experiences that add value to my business and social life.
  3. I strive for passion. Just as simple as that: my deep love for winery inspire me to live the experience of the process.
  4. I deserve it. My hard work and professional achievements, make me feel worthy for the best attention.

Indeed, there are various transportation options to get to Mendoza. For now, my only restriction is time. Luxury like this should not cost long or delayed journeys.

I will check the offer of transfer services in private planes, walk around the idea of taking a private flight, a charter flight. Check the offer on private aviation and make the decision, because I love to travel in the best conditions.

The reason to visit Mendoza in a Private Jet. A tourist destination for the delight of wine lovers

It is a tourist destination with exceptional advantages for exquisite travelers. Ideal to visit between February to April. Especially recommended to learn from within the viticulture processes.

The Open Wineries Program 2 has allowed the most outstanding wineries to open up to tourism. Now, visitors can observe one of the oldest industrial processes, from the sowing of the vine to its fermentation process. The experience leads the visitors to sense what involves to be a wine taster, an oenologist, an entrepreneur, a merchant, or a member of the family business.

The most typical wineries, in Mendoza, participate in the program. People can enjoy these inspiring family stories told by their protagonists. Entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs are heirs or founders of the most outstanding winemaking centers in Mendoza.

The tourist will receive a ticket that will accredit them to enjoy three routes. On each map, visitors move by car, bicycle or horse, from one warehouse to another. They observe, compare processes and enjoy beautiful landscapes of plain, mountain or slopes of the Mendocino piedmont.

In each winery, tourists can taste the wine. Learn about the culture of the process. Acquire general notions about the wine tasting. Know about cellar and family history, and their production processes, while making the wine tastings harmonize with the best appetizers. They usually end with a lunch that serves several plates: samples of the local cuisine.

Most of the hotel infrastructure has an enormous architectural and historical value. Some wineries, with more modern styles, also stand out for the visual impact and the harmonious way they are integrated into the environment. Architectural memory is another of my passions.

Common features of the technological transformations on the winemaking process.

If you feel a special passion for technology, you will be interested to know three features that have remained almost unchanged over time:

  1. Mendoza wine: high quality for the world market

When we talk about quality, many ideas come to mind. The fundamental thing about quality is that the product has “always” the same attributes appreciated by the customer. In wines, these attributes correspond to their organoleptic three characteristics

Keeping the quality of a product unchanged over time is a difficult task. A goal desired for many companies in the world.

In the viticulture production of Mendoza, two periods are recognized:

(1) artisanal period, in which quality export wines were produced with techniques, equipment, and local raw materials.

(2) post-traditional period, which introduced European variants and technified processes. This, with the intention of being more competitive in the international market.

What has allowed them to preserve quality over time?

Perhaps one of these reasons I have been thinking:

(1) The strengthening of the marketing platform.

(2) Technological innovations in post-harvest and industrial management.

      2. Familiar approach with a story told about the process

Surely you can recognize it in your own home, the recipes that belong to granny and are passed down from one generation to another. Those family members who were interested in learning, in preserving the original formula “intact” to the following generations.

More than industrial activity, the process of winemaking is a social phenomenon. The family manages a good part of the production. It gives a humanizing element that enhances its tourist value in general.

Five reasons to experience the wine experience in Mendoza

1) Mendoza, Wine Capital of the Great Wine Global Network.

If you are one of those who likes to experience the Top, here is the first reason. Since July 2005, Mendoza was designated as one of the Wine Capitals. Since then, it is part of this select group of cities in the world. Some of the countries with accredited cities are Australia, France, United States of America, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Germany, and Chile. This condition has driven producers to maintain the quality of their products and open their production units to world tourism.

2) Mendoza is the cradle of Malbec

Maybe you’ve already enjoyed some red wine from this grape variety. If you haven´t, this will be a good opportunity. Malbec is a type of grape produced in the Uco Valley, which has been declared as the Grape Insignia.

Recognized as the best in Argentina, the Malbec´s strain is produced in Mendoza, among other varietals of international prestige such as Cabernet, Sauvignon, Bonarda, Merlot, among others. Mendoza produces, according to the Google of wines, the Wine Searcher, the most expensive wine in Argentina

3) More than 1000 wineries

If you are passionate about foreign trade, you will surely have important benchmarking references. A large number of wineries and their diversity has allowed Mendoza to produce more than 70% of the national demand for wine.

Different architectures, varied infrastructures, different technological devices, varied production methods, and management models, attract thousands of tourists and technologists. A whole agenda of learning and experiences of pending enjoyment.

4) Spectacular tourist services integrated into the wine culture

Many of the wineries are enabled as tourist spaces. They have been equipped with art rooms, restaurants with diversified and sophisticated cuisine. The lodgings are of very high quality. The designs of most wineries are friendly to the environment. Its spaces are also used for educational purposes, for teaching the art of wine tasting.

5) Beautiful landscapes

If you are visual, the landscape contrast of Mendoza will capture your attention. Spectacular sceneries that vary from desert plains, the geomorphology of the Argentine Andes foothills and its slopes and mountains. The climatic conditions are ideal within the recommended season.

The Top 10 of Wine Routes and complementary tourist services

Distributed in the eastern area, the southern area or in the Uco Valley itself, there are about 1,200 wineries to visit. The routes usually include at least three wineries. I will have a lot to decide between these:

  1. I could enjoy a gourmet night in Espacio Trapiche on a night tour, before a dinner.
  2. For the next day, I would go to the morning tour, known as Mendoza Vino y Oliva. I would visit the Tempus Alba Winery and the Pasrai Olivícola. Finish with the olives tasting and dehydrated tomatoes, among other delicacies.
  3. On the Vinos y sabores de Maipú route, I would visit the Sin Fin family winery, the Trapiche winery and the renowned olive grove of the Succardi family. From this route, there would be a lunch of three plates, or as the locals say: three steps lunch.
  4. I would not miss out on anything in the world, one of the bike rides. There are three options. It will be a fun experience. The best is that at each stop there would be tastings and delicatessen tastings.
  5. Before my return, I would ride through the vineyards. This route will transport me in time, I know. They call it to contact tourism. The tastings of empanadas and roast are very promising.
Other no less interesting options are:
  1. I am also encouraged by the possibility of getting to know the Uco Valley, where Malbec originates from. This route includes emblematic and traditional wineries: Fomaine Bousquet, Salantein and Andeluna Cellars.
  2. Mundo Catena presents an offer that mixes wine tastings and stories. There, tourists have the possibility to visit the Catena Zapata pyramid and the well-known Casa del Enemigo.
  3. I want a sparkling session. I would love to learn to differentiate them. In the Cruzat and Séptima wineries, this possibility is offered. The best, offer creative pairing initiatives to join them.
  4. I still do not know if I’ll be accompanied. If so, I will be giving away three spectacular nights at Nights, Wines and Gourmet. There I can have the experience of horseback riding, tour of wineries and tastings.
  5. The jewel in the crown is not available all year round, but for those who have the possibility to select the date, choose the days of the Harvest Festival. A single space that stimulates the participation of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs of the wine industry. Participate representatives of the most emblematic wineries, small producers and entrepreneurs. It includes exhibitions, didactic, artistic and cultural activities of popular folklore. It was recognized in 2011 by National Geographic, as the 2nd most important harvest party in the world.

The Top of attractions for travelers looking to exercise in Mendoza

If you are an athlete or you like physical activities, Mendoza also offers alternatives. Within this Top 5 of activities to train in Mendoza, you will surely find your favorite, and I chose mine among these that I share:

  1. Excursions in trekking routes to know Aconcagua. Aconcagua is the highest mountain in the area; it is a route suitable for beginners.
  2. Fabulous Win Bike that includes in their routes of Bikes.
  3. Horseback riding to wineries and vineyards.
  4. Rally of cars organized by the locality.
  5. Golf courses.

Planning my fun.

Mendoza, I’ll be there for sure. I still cannot decide on the route. But surely I will be experiencing new connections with exceptional stimuli within a fascinating world, full of history.

I have read that there are no better wines. Experts say that each taster has a unique characteristic and taste need. They invite us to train the palate, to try, to experiment until we find the wine that best fits our traits. That will be my strategy.

Each of these spaces has resulted from the fusion of what is its history, its production process, the architectural value of its facilities, the technology developed, its culture and its history. Among so many places to visit, I will have clear that each winery has a particular feature that makes it unique, so my selection will always be the best.

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