Smart Luggage is becoming more and more trendy thanks to the improvement it represents in the passengers’ flight experience.

Does the world shrink or are there just more people traveling in private planes?

The answer is very simple and has to do with the results and travel preferences existing in the last decade of the 21st century. The business sector in renting private jets has increased meaningfully. 2017, charter flights rise by 5.4%.

Furthermore, estimations say that the younger generation will prefer renting private jets as a way of traveling.

What could be the reasons for favoring flying in private jets?

This is a simpler answer than the question above. Today a different traveler has emerged; a smart traveler that is not looking for cheap flights but rather preferred to be precise and assertive when flying. The elements that this younger generation gives the utmost importance are: time-saving, the facility to reach certain airports that could not be accessed by commercial airlines, comfort, productivity, and so on.

The young segment of the population will be the group with the greatest interest in renting private flights, and we can imagine that connectivity will be a very important element to keep in mind.

And the smart luggage?

Smart luggage travels with smart people.

There is no doubt that today the travel bag had transformed and transcended its original function. These young travelers, that today prefers to rent private jets, will choose travel luggage according to the following fundamental elements: connectivity, ergonomic design, resistance, safety, ease of location through a GPS, and why not, a modern design: clean and simple.

Therefore, in this article, we will give you some tips for you to get the smart luggage you deserve.

The handle

Let’s start with the ergonomics of the luggage´s design, an important factor when choosing your suitcase.

The first thing an expert traveler does before selecting his or her suitcase is to raise the rod with which he or she is going to pull the piece. Make sure that the strength of the material does not give way or bend before the weight of a loaded suitcase. The rod must rise and fall very easily and, at the same time, the handle should be light, feel pleasant and firm when holding.

The Wheels

Another important element is the wheels. They must be resistant and have an easy rotation. The relationship between the suitcase rod and the wheels is the equation that guarantees that the walk through the airport would be a pleasant walk and not turn into a thorny road.

Here, we show you a functional model that is in the market and reflects these characteristics.


The G-RO is an intelligent travel bag with a functional design. A concept focused on the business traveler who must travel on the last minute notification. Its version of the carry-on luggage has an internal ergonomic design with several compartments to be used as organizers. It has a four-position telescopic handle. The principal advantage has to do with the applied science in the creation of the wheels: GravityRoll TM. This technology is easy to handle, especially when rolling on uneven floors. Additionally, the large size of the wheels makes it easy to go up or down the stairs. It has a compartment for shoes that is unique in the market, and a system that increases its volume to add more things into the luggage. Includes a strap to place an additional bag.


Can you imagine traveling long hours and not being able to find a place to charge your laptop to finish that presentation you have left pending? How to keep your iPhone running while using social networks or the app that monitors the location of your luggage? How about your Kindle when reading a novel? And wireless headphones?

Today, smart luggage have become connectivity hubs capable of charging multiple electronic devices at the same time. For 2019, the two most recommended models are:


A product concept aimed at the traveler who wants to be always connected. Your battery has enough backup power (20,100 mAh / 74.37 Wh) to charge a MacBook through USB-C power delivery. It includes two additional USB-A ports for charging other electronic devices. At the time of boarding, it is easy to remove the battery, using the quick release mechanism. It does not require tools to continue the ignition at cruise altitude.


This model with an urban beat is designed for the business traveler who needs to move around streets and city areas. Its interior panel was designed with several compartments, and each compartment is labeled so you do not have to remember in which luggage pocket your storage your different things. It has a specific pocket to organize electronic devices. It has 2 USB ports that allow recharging of two electronic devices. Includes an all-in-one charging cable: recharge iPhones, Android devices and also recharge your luggage; It is not necessary to carry separate adapter leads or charging cables. The luggage has a portable charger of 10,000 mAh. Recharge smartphones up to four times. The unit is completely removable to meet the airline’s standards.

Last but not least, we’re going to show you the biggest breakthrough in 2019 on smart luggage. the AI applied to travel. The robot suitcase.



You read right. The suitcase follows your steps.

Nowadays autonomous cars are being developed successfully, the same concept and technology have been used to create OVIS, the autonomous suitcase. OVIS is based on automatic driving technology. The AI ​​of the luggage; its camera system recognizes you and follows you, accurately assesses the perimeter, calculates the distance, estimates and calculates the route to avoid obstacles with a precision of +/- 1 cm and reaches a speed of 11 km / h.

The control is in the wristband used as a watch. It will give you a warning alarm if the suitcase is relegated to more than 2 meters, or if the luggage battery is low and needs recharging. Interesting, right?

Of course, it has a connectivity hub where you can connect iPhones, tablets, act. It has a battery of 96 wh, easy to extract when boarding the plane,

If this is not enough, as an optional accessory, you can get a GPS that you can download with an application on your smartphone, and allows you to track down the location of your luggage

Another advantage? OVIS can calculate the weight of your suitcase, and keep you updated if you are overload.

The concept of traveling is evolving with time and technology. Priorities have changed: business, convenience and time are elements that have become the main components to undertake a trip. We travel planning that our time is used to the maximum, keeping the comfort and connectivity that we have at home. Elements that today, the intelligent passenger pursues when renting a private jet.

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