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Types Of Private Flights

As we have been telling you in our last publications on social networks, today a private flight is not about a luxury, it is about a solution. For the same reason, we want to show the types of private flights that can be useful when traveling for personal or business reasons.

Private Flights:

Charter Flights

First of all, we will present you the charter o private flight, in which you will have the entire aircraft exclusively for you and the companions you allow. With a team of pilots and crew, who at all times will be complying with the health standards established at the level world by WHO.

Using a charter flight, you will not only appreciate the exclusivity around you, but when boarding the aircraft you will avoid delays, spaces crowded by many people and you will have private waiting rooms. Depending on the estimated time that the flight lasts, the appropriate aircraft will be chosen so that the route is direct and avoids stopovers as much as possible.

Executive Flights

There are also executive planes, which in general tend to be larger in order to be used as a business center in the heights. They are equipped with everything necessary for conferences, meetings in private rooms, use of Wi-Fi and offer the perfect comfort to meet the most demanding requirements.

Air Taxi

Air taxis are very similar to aircraft designed to offer an exclusive flight for executives, but with the difference that their estimated flight time is shorter, so the place of departure and arrival must be within a short distance. They have the facility to land in remote destinations and in areas with little infrastructure. The aircraft included in this type of flight are: propeller planes, light jets, and helicopters. Its price is cheaper compared to a private aircraft with a longer range.

Private Helicopter Flights.

Helicopters also offer multiple benefits when making a private flight, since they are perfect for transporting groups of people who want to make a trip for pleasure, business, or personal reasons, among others. They are considered an efficient and elegant way to travel. An advantage that we constantly highlight is that they have heliports in central areas and have the possibility of landing on top of buildings, hospitals, and clinics.

Empty Legs.

Next, we introduce you to empty legs, a service that offers the same benefits as a charter flight, but at a much cheaper price.

What is the difference between an empty leg and a charter flight?

When it is a private flight, you can choose the place of departure and the place of arrival, while empty legs already have the flight path mapped out. In this case, the aircraft must take that route and the seats are available, so their price is usually much more accessible.

Government Private Flights.

We also have flights that are intended to assist governments and offer a wide range of options in complete safety:

  • Helicopters are ideal for government transportation and humanitarian aid missions.
  • Private jets are the perfect solution for VIPs, heads of state, and people in high positions.
  • We have cargo planes to transport supplies, equipment, and humanitarian aid, among others.

Air Ambulances or Medical Private Flights:

Now we will talk about air ambulances. They are generally helicopters, but today many planes also offer the possibility of adapting their spaces to carry out this type of flight.

It is perfect for transporting patients who are or are not in a critical state of health, covering medical evacuation situations, carrying out transfers, neonatal transport, organs or solving emergency situations. Of course, the patient will have the company of a highly qualified medical staff at all times. In addition, this type of aircraft has very advanced technology.

Adaptation of aircraft:

  • Small, medium, and large jets equipped with a complete Intensive Care Unit.
  • Adapted aircraft, suitable for patients with minor injuries who must lie down or fly at specific air pressure.
  • Aircraft with modified loading doors or ramps for loading stretchers.
  • Helicopter transfers to and from private aircraft.

Medical Flights:

  • Medical escort: A department that organizes the transfer of a patient through a commercial airline, as long as their health condition allows it. Being mobilized under the assistance of medical personnel. At all times you will be accompanied by a doctor, paramedic, or nurse who will provide the required care.
  • Medical evacuation: known as MEDEVAC, it is the service that allows the rapid mobilization of patients from a remote location to a specialized hospital.
  • Transfer of organs: the air and land vehicles for this service are made up of high-tech radio communication equipment and GPS that tracks each movement to ensure that the arrival will be on time.
  • Neonatal transfer: the aircraft destined for neonatal transfer will have a team of specialists in neonatology and intensive therapy. They will take care of the health of the small patients. Air vehicles have monitoring equipment and devices adapted for these patients.
  • Medical repatriation: it is based on the organization and transportation of citizens to their country of origin. There will be 24-hour care, bilingual personnel, medical escorts, and experts in the area of foreign consulates, organizing the citizenship documents, resolution of customs matters, and clearance.

Charter Flight for Groups:

We can divide into three large groups: services, events and tours


  • Personnel logistics: ideal for companies, it allows the transfer of employees to any part of the world, which contributes to business development, whether it is a last-minute flight or difficult-to-access areas that do not have commercial airlines. These aerial solutions ensure that staff arrives on time to start work and that those who return home do so quickly and safely.
  • Some areas that have this service: government, sports, military, construction, fishing, engineering, entertainment, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, mining, financial services, among others.
  • Emergencies: at any time of the day, an urgent air transport service can be provided to transport patients who have a critical health condition, serious injuries, people who have suffered a natural disaster, disturbances, hostile situations, among others.


  • Events: Offers a full range of options to enhance your guests’ airport and in-flight experience to make it an event everyone will remember.
    • Private: from weddings and birthday parties to family events, to facilitate the possibility for all guests to travel together.
    • Product Launch: Decorate the aircraft and airport with the style of your product and brand.
    • Meetings: Attend an important business meeting or presentation tour involving several meetings.
    • Incentive Trips: Take your company’s salespeople to any destination as a reward for their good work.
    • Exhibitions: Take delegates, invited buyers, sponsors or journalists to any exhibition center in the world.


  • Tours: an aerial solution that allows fast and safe mobilization of groups of people heading to the same destination.
    • Sports: organization of charter flights for teams, supporters, executives, and sponsors to attend important sporting events around the world.
    • Music: from last minute flights for specific concerts to charter programs for world tours.
    • Presentation Tour: we guarantee that passengers arrive on time at various destinations, whether it is a tour of several cities in the same country or a three-week marathon tour of the world.
    • Commerce: we make it possible for executives to represent your company anywhere in the world comfortably.
    • Politics: creating tailor-made programs to visit numerous locations as part of an election campaign.
    • Performing Arts: from a regional theatrical tour to a series of circus shows on a global scale.
    • Film and Television: organization of charter flights for staff or creation of programs to promote a movie or television series.

Cargo Flights.

Among our fleet, we also have cargo planes, a service that is available to different aircraft. From small jets for urgent shipments and small packages to large aircraft for large cargo and tonnage.

This type of flight is ideal for businesses since they can both import and export any type of product. Reach your destination in record time. As we have mentioned before when it comes to urgent shipments. Helicopters and private planes are the perfect solution. Its use will make passengers arrive at their destination much earlier than estimated and with greater security.

As a result, learn about the services offered by cargo flights:

Urgent Cargo Flights:

The ideal option for the shipment to reach its destination on time, regardless of the distance that the plane must travel. In addition to this, it has the support of professionals.

Dangerous Cargo Flights:

For this part of the cargo service, there are aircraft that are adapted to transport products and merchandise that require special attention and permits.

Heavy Cargo Flights:

Among the fleet, there are cargo planes that have a rear ramp, a nose ramp, and cranes on board.

Humanitarian Cargo Flights:

For shipments of humanitarian material, the aircraft will have qualified and highly experienced personnel to provide prompt attention. For this type of situation, aircraft that have long-range and advanced technology are ideal to reach their destination in record time.

Remote Loading Flights:

Among the fleet are aircraft capable of reaching destinations that are difficult to access. Some examples would be: landings on grass, unpaved runways, short runways, etc. The aircraft will comply with the special permits when it comes to transportation in disaster areas, transportation in hostile areas, political zones in conflict, transportation of military equipment, among others.

Cargo Flights for the Oil and Gas Industry:

In this field, we advise you to accompany you during the transport process of these operations that can be carried out in different parts of the world.

Live Animal Cargo Flights:

For the transport of animals, not only will there be a professional cargo team, but also experts in animal care so that they travel safely. Aircraft can transport both animals that are destined for sporting events, as well as exotic and large animals. Always complying with the regulations and permits of each country and region.

Automotive Equipment Cargo Flights:

Regardless of the dimension and size of the vehicle, they can be transferred and reach their destination in a matter of hours. Giving you in a safe way, the possibility of planning and executing the transport of parts for a production line.

In conclusion, our air solutions are very broad and are perfect for you, since they can meet any travel reason, be it business, pleasure, or emergency, among others.

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