The Best Options To Travel To Punta del Este in 2020

The Best Options To Travel To Punta del Este in 2020

Travel to Punta del Este is one of the most chosen options for destinations in South America. It is one of the most exclusive vacation places, for those who want to rest, relax and enjoy. Certainly this 2020, many wonderful places have not received the expected visits due to the pandemic. However, it should be noted that governments worldwide have established the requirements for the entry of a person to any part of a specific country.

As a result, since this quarantine stage began in Uruguay, they decidedly had the vision of closing the country’s doors in advance, preventing a citizen from leaving or a foreigner from entering. Therefore, the only way in or out was via a repatriation flight. They were only more forewarned than many other countries and when the World Health Organization established sanitary and hygiene measures, some countries began to open their doors cautiously, including Uruguay. Today to enter any country you must meet the requirements requested by the government. Next, you will be able to discover the best options to travel to Punta del Este and some of its most touristic and exclusive places.

How to Travel to Punta del Este in Quarantine?

The safest way to travel today is by private flight since you will avoid crowds at airports, you will have private waiting rooms, and the aircraft will only be for you and your companions. To travel on the ideal plane to Punta del Este, it will be necessary to know where the flight would depart from and the number of passengers, since with this information the best option will be sought for the comfort of all passengers it will avoid making stopovers.

How much does a Private Flight to Punta del Este Cost?

The Phenom 100 is an aircraft that has a capacity for a maximum of 5 people and from anywhere in Argentina and southern Brazil, it has an approximate cost of USD 4,000. If there are more passengers, for example, 7 people, the ideal aircraft could be the Hawker 400A or the Learjet 60, and traveling from further afield, such as Chile or Peru, would cost approximately USD 6,000.

It should be noted that the only international airport in Punta del Este is Captain Curbelo International, located in Maldonado. If the place of departure is another, which is located at a further distance, the ideal aircraft could be another that has a better performance and the cost would change, the same happens with the number of passengers since in such case they were more people, the ideal aircraft would be one with greater capacity.

If you want to have a quote for a particular route, you can click here and fill in the route information and you will soon have an answer, you can also click on the WhatsApp button that accompanies you on the screen on the right side if you want an answer much faster.

The Most Luxurious Hotels when Travel to Punta del Este

Currently, the most exclusive hotels in Punta del Este such as The Grand Hotel, Petit Chateau, Kalá or the Fasano, have their doors open, complying with sanitary regulations and the only way to stay in them is to comply with these regulations to avoid the spread of the virus.

These named hotels are categorized as the most exclusive in Punta del Este, each offering different benefits and benefits to its guests so that they can enjoy their experience.

The Grand Hotel Punta del Este
The Grand Hotel Punta del Este
Hotel Petit Chateau Punta Del Este
Hotel Petit Chateau Punta Del Este
Kalá Hotel Punta Del Este
Hotel El Fasano Punta del Este
Hotel El Fasano Punta del Este

The Best Beaches of Punta del Este

Mansa Beach
Brava Beach
Brava Beach
Isla de Lobos
Isla de Lobos
Arboretum Lussich
Arboretum Lussich

Punta del Este tourist attractions:

  • The Punta del Este View.
  • The Hand of Punta del Este.
  • Punta del Este Lighthouse.
  • Gorlero Avenue.

The Best Restaurants In Punta del Este:

  • Vineyard Eden.
  • The Wine Experience.
  • Wines of the World.

Places of Interest in Punta del Este

  • Conrad Casino.
  • Tangol Punta del Este.
  • Nogaro Cassino.
  • Punta del Este port.
  • 20th Street.
  • Great Britain Square.
  • Old Station Museum.

If you want to travel to Punta del Este by private flight, you can request your quote at the following link

And if you want to know more about the types of private flights, we recommend that you visit this link

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