Questions Must Frequently Ask When Chartering a Private Jet

A private jet, generally is a smaller aircraft that are designed to transport small groups of passengers.

What sort of people fly in private jets?

The myth that only Hollywood celebrities hire private jets has diluted in time. Don’t get me wrong, they are still the brat´s favors, but there is also some other frequently customers that rent private jets.

1- Business companies

Enterprises that need their CEOs, engineers, professionals in negotiation and sales force, or productions teams to move fast and get into places in a very short period of time, so to be competitive and efficient.

2- Entrepreneurs

Business men or women whose professional´s life take them to travel quite often.

3- Celebrities

Today a celebrity might be an actor, a musician, an athlete, an influencer and so on, and they have all the reasons to hire a private jet.

4- Friends that want to go to a big event and comeback the same day.

Your 16 friends that charter an aircraft to go to a football game – for example

5- YOU

You, indulging yourself with a VIP´s experience of luxury, first class meal, drinks, amenities and more: hiring a private jet empty leg (renting a vacant aircraft, with a discount, because is returning empty to its base).

How much does it cost to fly transatlantic via a private jet?

Why do business people need private jets?

Time has a cost:  

  • First, you don´t need to waist useful time standing in long queues to check in, or spend more time than usual in security checks.
  • The fact that you are in control of the places you need to go and the chance to visit more than one city in a single day.
  • Being able to take longer in an important meeting because the airplane would be there waiting for you.
  • Work the last detail on your report or held a meeting on board with your staff, before arriving.

What are the pros and cons of chartering a private jet?


  • To avoid traveling in a full packed commercial airline.
  • Time saving when checking in and when going through emigration security
  • Pet friendly
  • Comfort and luxury experience
  • Control of the destination or different destinations to fly to


  • None

Is smoking allowed on private jets?

  • By law, is forbidden to smoke in airplanes, including private jets. Nonetheless, there are some private companies that do allow to smoke.

Do private jet passengers need visas?

  • Definitely YES

Do private jets go through security?

  • Security procedure for private jets are minimal comparing with the security procedure in commercial airlines, but still you must go through.

Are private jets faster than regular planes?

  • In general, private planes can be as fast as a commercial aircraft. The size of the jet is what determinate the speed. Small planes are slower; some medium sized jets can reach the speed of commercial flight.
  • Cessna Citation X, cruise marginally below Mach 1.0.
  • large cabin Gulfstreams and Globals with max cruising at or close to Mach.90 
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