La Aviación Privada

The Private Aviation

Why choose Private Aviation?

According to the World Tourism Organization, Latin America’s robust middle-class growth over the past two decades has led to a sustained 8% increase in leisure travel (almost two times the world’s growth rate). The impact of this phenomenon on the aeronautical sector is clear as air traffic projections for the next 20 years suggest an overall growth rate of an additional 5.6% throughout the region. Regional commercial airlines, which have tripled both their fleets and the number of destinations serviced over the past 15 years, appear to be only ones positioned to benefit from this estimated growth and the opportunities that come with it. There is, however, also a lot of optimism for private air service suppliers and air brokers, especially as more and more travelers prefer the exclusive services they offer.

Ask yourself, “Is it worth considering or relying on private aviation?” Yes! The benefits of using private aviation services are numerous and indisputable. In simple terms, our services can get you closer to your destination faster, while ensuring quality, VIP treatment, and the highest safety standards. Since we always prioritize our clients’ needs, we work hard to exceed your expectations. In fact, we adjust our services to meet our customers’ requests, personalizing each charter flight according to their specific requirements. In other words, by chartering a private jet, you travel in style, at your convenience.

In contrast, commercial flights are often affected by circumstances outside of your control, such as the availability of seats, fixed schedules, pre-determined routes and airport restrictions. When flying commercial airlines, you must also plan and arrive at the airport several hours before taking off. You will probably also have to spend time in long lines and undergo security screening. After all of this, your flight may still change, be delayed or even canceled.

At South American Jets, however, we believe that flying should be enjoyable and will transform your private jet travel into a luxurious, comfortable and revitalizing experience. In fact, we provide clients with total control over the main aspects of their flight including scheduling, itinerary planning, amenities, and pilot and flight crew selection. Are you running a little late? Do you need to change or postpone your flight? Don’t worry! We will not move until you say so. We also grant access to more airports, even those out of the reach of commercial airlines so that you can get closer to your final destination. Furthermore, our clients have privileged access to VIP areas and private terminals, avoiding lines and unnecessary delays.

Many people believe that charter flights are exclusively for businesspeople, celebrities, executive officers and senior officials. Evidently, this is only one benefit of private aviation. We offer a more extensive range of possibilities than commercial airlines. Our services are ideal for business travel, sports teams, private companies, government institutions, and the entertainment industry. Chartering a private jet is also an excellent choice for families and small groups who want an option other than commercial airlines when traveling to and from leisure activities. Family vacations and private group travel do not have to be stressful anymore. No matter the size of your group, everyone onboard will have personalized services and comfortable amenities while they enjoy this exclusive experience.

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South American Jets

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Sam Andrews
10 months ago

Okay, let me get this straight: you said that private aviation services allow us to reach our intended destination a lot quicker, right? Fine, I’ll try to convince my boss to consider this option when making further arrangements with a transportation provider soon. He wishes to spend his winter vacation this year in Zurich but has no intention to rely on commercial flights.

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