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Advantages of Private Jet Flights

Flexibility and Comfort of Private Jet Flights

Today, many people in Latin America and the Caribbean are still considering if it is worth relying on private jet flights. Based on a sustained 8% increase in leisure travel over the past two decades (almost two times the world’s growth rate), air traffic projections for the next 20 years suggest an overall growth rate of 5.6% throughout the region. Evidently, more and more travelers will abandon commercial aviation to rely on the exclusive services provided by air brokers and operators. Most frequent travelers, however, do not know the numerous and indisputable benefits of using private aviation. To put it in simple terms, private jet flights can get you closer to your destination faster, while ensuring quality, VIP treatment, and the highest safety standards.

Flexibility is also an important advantage of using private aviation. Commercial flights only offer two choices: coach or first class. And they are often affected by circumstances outside of your control, such as the availability of seats, fixed schedules, pre-determined routes and airport restrictions. In contrast, charter flights provide a wide range of possibilities and aircraft configurations that can be customized for every flight. For example, air taxi services are a cost-effective and luxurious option for short-haul travel. In this case, small piston and turboprop aircraft, in addition to light jets, become the perfect solution for customers who need to get to smaller airports closer to their final destination or want to avoid larger congested hubs. Executive airliners – modified wide-body aircraft equipped with all resources needed to cover intercontinental routes – are ideal for establishing a business center at 20,000 feet as their custom interiors include private bedrooms, showers, conference rooms, living rooms, lounge areas and private meeting rooms.

Furthermore, air operators provide customers with total control over key aspects of their flight including scheduling, itinerary planning, and pilot and crew selection. If you need to change or postpone your flight, don’t worry! Nobody will move until you say so. Luxury and comfort are also important considerations when chartering a private jet. In fact, air services suppliers will transform your travel into a luxurious and revitalizing experience. That is why they include exclusive catering services and allow customers to travel with pets on board. They also offer multilingual crews and guarantee the safe handling of fragile items and special equipment.

Finally, many people believe that charter flights are exclusively for businesspeople, celebrities, executive officers and senior officials. But booking a private jet is also an excellent choice for families and small groups who want an option other than commercial airlines when traveling to and from leisure activities. If you want to experience personalized services and comfortable amenities, then private aviation is for you. You just have to contact a trusted air operator such as South American Jets and enjoy new and exclusive experiences.

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