Los 10 aeropuertos más altos del mundo

The 10 highest airports in the world

The Andes, register more than 3 million kilometers from the American continent, also has the second-highest mountain in the world, Aconcagua, as well as the highest volcanoes on the planet. So it is not surprising, that the highest airport in the world located in this mountain range, the Laguna del Choclococha airport in Perú, located at 4561 meters above sea level.

However, for the following list we take into account only the highest altitude civil airports, that is, those aerodromes for public use that have the services or intensity of movement regularly, to dispatch or passengers, cargo or mail, delivered as such by the Aeronautical Authority.

1. Daocheng Yading, China (14,472 feet).

Daocheng Yading Airport, in China, has been positioned, since 2013, as the highest airport in the world with an altitude of 4411 meters above sea level. It has a runway 4,200 m long and 45 m wide. The terminal has 5000 m2 with a particular shape that resembles a UFO.

2. Bangda, China (14,219 feet).

Second, we now have Bangda Airport in Qamdo, Tibet, situated at 4,334 meters above sea level, which also boasts the longest publicly used paved runway in the world to accommodate large aircraft, at 5,500m long. This is because, in very high terminals, it is necessary to compensate for the reduction in the performance of the engine and of the aircraft at the time of taking off and landing.

3. Kangding, China (14,042 feet).

Located at 4,280 meters above sea level, Kangding Airport is the third highest airport in the world, located in the western province of Sichuan.

4. Ngari Gunsa, China (14,022 feet).

Just a few meters lower than its predecessor, Ngari Gunsa Airport (14,022 feet), located in Tibet, is in fourth place on this list.

5. El Alto International Airport, Bolivia (13,356 feet).

Number five is occupied by the International Airport of El Alto, in Bolivia, located at 4071 meters above sea level, being the highest international airport in the world. El Alto offers unique conditions for the most modern aircraft to perform high-altitude flight tests to receive the respective flight certifications.

6. Captain Nicolás Rojas International Airport, Bolivia (12,923 feet).

Sixth, the Potosí airport or Captain Nicolás Rojas International Airport is located 6 km northeast of the city center at about 3939 meters above sea level.

7. Yushu Batang Airport, China (12,815 feet).

We return to China, for the seventh place, Yushu Batang Airport, with 3906 meters of elevation.

8. Inca Manco Cápac International Airport, Peru (12,552 feet).

In eighth place, is the Inca Manco Cápac International Airport, located in Juliaca (Peru), whose elevation is 3826 m.

9. Shigatse Peace Airport, China (12,402 feet).

Shigatse Peace Airport, built at a height of 3,782 meters, was opened in 2010, as the fifth civilian airport in Tibet.

10. Syanboche Airport, Nepal (12,402 feet).

In tenth place, it is closely followed by Syanboche Airport (Namche Bazaar, Nepal), located at an altitude of 3,780 meters above sea level, well known for its proximity to Mount Everest.

If we are curious to know the highest airports in the world, we will have to consider that at these altitudes you can feel dizzy or light in the body due to lack of oxygen. We recommended to walk slowly and sit down immediately, in case of presenting any of the symptoms previously described.

Max Brog
CEO, South American Jets

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