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Air Travel Tips for a enjoyable and luxurious experience

Traveling during the season can be particularly stressful and exhausting as airports and flights are always crowded. At South American Jets, however, we believe that flying should be an enjoyable and luxurious experience. 


Know the benefits of using private aviation.

In simple terms, we can get you closer to your destination faster, while ensuring the highest safety standards. Commercial flights, for example, only offer two choices: coach or first class. And they are often affected by circumstances outside of your control, such as the availability of seats, pre-determined routes and airport restriction – which get worse during next four weeks due to airport congestion and bad weather. Private aviation, on the contrary, it’s designed to adjust its services to meet clients’ requests, customizing each flight according to their specific requirements. In fact, we always provide our customers with total control over the main aspects of their flights, including scheduling, itinerary planning, amenities and pilot and crew selection.


Never say never to empty leg flights.

Remember that empty leg flights are offered with discounts up to 75% of standard jet charter prices, meaning that sometimes you can find prices which are close to those offered by commercial airlines on certain routes. Of course, this modality is a one-way flight which, additionally, might be subject to changes – in other words, prepare to be flexible. But if you can adjust your travel plans so they can match an empty leg flight opportunity, contact us! South American Jets have access to the best empty legs offers in Latin America and the Caribbean.


Large family groups are also welcomed to come aboard.

Most customers believe that charter flights are exclusively destined to businesspeople, celebrities, and executive officers. But we actually offer a wider range of possibilities than commercial airlines. That is why chartering a private jet is also an excellent choice for large family groups – or small groups – who want an option other than coach class when traveling during the winter holidays. And everybody onboard will have personalized services and comfortable amenities. Contact us and travel at in style, at your own convenience.


Keep new destinations in mind.

Haven’t you decided where to go? Don’t worry! Our sales agents and account managers are available 24/7 to help you plan your trip to the most exclusive destinations.

CONTACT US: sales@localhost/southjets

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