Conoce la capital del vino, Mendoza

Meet the wine capital, Mendoza

The Wine experience in Mendoza


The highest peak in the Western hemisphere, Aconcagua, dominates this quiet and beautiful capital. Mountain climbing, hiking, and rafting are the top attractions for adventure travelers. Mendoza is one of the most important cities in the Southern Cone, chosen as one of 21 most beautiful cities in the world according to the website:

The city is surrounded by modern buildings and art deco, with spacious and leafy streets, trees, ditches, wide sidewalks, and splattered green spaces offer the residents and visitors a unique experience.

Its economic activity is linked to business, the service industry and tourism, mostly around the wine industry. Recognized as the International Wine Capital, Mendoza is the heart of the wine region in Argentina, loved by oenophiles, who come here to taste its wines, especially Malbec. One of the main attractions of the region is visiting and tasting more than a thousand vineyards in the area.


Max Brog
CEO, South American Jet


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