Charters Flights for Football Fans

Football Fans Across the World in Charters Flights

Charter flights are the air solution to enjoy Copa America 2019 – We are fans and we are going to Copa America!

Let’s get ready to bring out the colored and shielded T-shirts, the giant hats, and the hats with pompoms. Carry big bags full of shredded paper, whistles, and bugles. Let’s practice our chants and proudly write our teams’ names on the waving flags.

 The Morumbí stadium will be the arena for the first match at The America Football Cup 2019. An expected encounter that forecasts an overflowing stadium, with the fanaticada of each selection roaring for their heroes. The clash will be between two acclaimed soccer nations: Brazil and Bolivia.

                    In this case, the host country – Brazil – has a long history of hosting the most important soccer games. Its experience includes two World Cups: the 1950 World Cup and more recently the 2014 World Cup. As a soccer country, it has also hosted many other international championships. It must be taken into account that soccer moves masses, especially large groups of fans, uncontrollable and very willing to go anywhere in the world to be with their team, cheering and supporting them.

       But the stories are many and no matter how much organization and experience these countries have in international matches, the attendance to soccer is multitudinous, overflowing the streets and attracting a kind of chaos that takes over the city and its surroundings. Airports are not exempt from this sporting mess, even more so when they include the transfer of thousands and thousands of fans, all traveling at the same time in huge groups to the host cities.

Case: Durban Airport / World Cup 2010 in South Africa

On July 7, 2010, in the Johannesburg airport, charter flights full of fans from Germany and Spain were detained for many hours. It was a moment of truth, the semifinals between these two powerful teams, and it promised a great match.

However, Johannesburg couldn´t authorize the departure of 10 full airplanes and private jets for the simple reason that the King Shaka airport, in Durban, did not have space for all the private flights of high profile personalities that were arriving.

Finally, as time went by, all the planes could land, and fans were escorted to the stadium by the police. They arrived when the match had already begun, which caused other logistical and operational problems, but most of all, the fans’ discontent.

Among the personalities that arrived were, journalist, international commentators, celebrities such as the actress Charlize Theron and the singer Danny K, politicians and businessmen of great wealth.


                     When there is an international event being played, in any football cup championship, the atmosphere becomes dense and the spirits start to exacerbate. The pressure keeps growing as the game keeps advancing. Soccer teams start to go home, eliminated. Fans will have a glimpse of what the quarterfinals will be and which team will play. It´s then that supporter’s groups – the representative of huge fans bases – will come into action and, began to exert pressure and display their power on the FIFA´s organization and government agencies. The objective is to locate the resources and mobilize big groups of fans to the pivotal encounter, either by chartered flights or renting private jets.

                     On many occasions, airports receive, in a matter of hours, an approximate of 4,000 fans representing a single team. You can use your math and find the number of people that move for each football game played.

Case: Final of the Champions League 2018, in the city of Kiev

More recently, the city of Kiev witnessed the final match between two super teams: Liverpool vs Real Madrid.

At the last minute, the clubs of the English supporters and the Real Madrid supporters were forced, by the results of the recently encounters, to find means of transfer for their followers. It is said that the Liverpool fans spent an estimated 450,000 pounds on private jets, to mobilize 450 fans, willing to sing, cheer and confront anyone who dared to insult their heroes.

The opposite happened with the Real Madrid fans. Although there were those who came to the city of Kiev, many had to return the final match tickets, leaving many seats free and a bitter taste between their fans.

                     Today, there is not a clear statistic, to count on, that shows the number of private flights that fly to a decisive match.  Nevertheless, there are an estimated number of private jets and air taxis that can be projected: about 200 extra landings flights, using airports and private small airports surrounding the venue.

                     We invite you to use the link to our article “FOOTBALL and PRIVATE JETS / How to get to Copa America 2019”. You will find information about the airports and aerodromes near the host cities of The American Cup, BRAZIL 2019.


Closer to our region, there was the case of The Atletico Nacional, Colombians’ fans that rented private flights to be present at the final COPAS DE LIBERTADORES 2016. An anticipated match between Colombia and Ecuador. The tour operators and travel agencies certainly were very busy, trying to private jets and large planes to move the 4,200 Colombian supporters to the city of Quito.

The authorities in Ecuador, meanwhile, organized the logistics to transfer the Colombian fans to the Atahualpa Olympic Stadium, in Quito, using 10 buses total that was escorted by the local police.


                    Each supporter ‘ club a set of rules, purposes, and objectives. The clubs are well-assembled organizations, respected by their unconditional followers. The club´s memberships can have a modest number of 3 million fans, or reach such large numbers of 35 million fans. In other words, to grasp the number of people that are part of these groups, next is the list of the top 10 bigger fan´s clubs in Latin America, clubs that will assist to the coming Copa America 2019 in Brazil.


1-FLAMINGO ————————————–35.000.000


3-BOCA JUNIOR———————————–16.500.000

4-SAO PAULO————————————–16.000.000

5-RIVER PLATE————————————-15.000.000

6-ALIANZA LIMA———————————–12.800.000


8-ATLETICO NACIONAL—————————11.000.000

9-UNIVERSIDAD DE DEPORTE———————9.800.000


                    The job of every supporter soccer´s club is to cheer up their team. The fans ‘club decides where to meet before the matches, what they will sing in the match, how the fans will be transported to the stadium and how they will place the flags in the stadium.

                    Are you planning to attend The America Football Cup 2019, in Brazil?

                    If you are a fan, then, it is better you meet with your team to find the means of transportation to go to the matches. If you are not a fan, you better start organizing your schedules and dates to go and try to be ahead from fans, that are already are planning how to get to the tournament.

So, don’t forget Our next appointment is in BRAZIL!

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