¡Vuela de una forma divertida!

Fly in a fun way!

Fly will never be the same!


Would you like to travel out of the ordinary? Now you can; for a few years, several airlines have employed the use of themed jets to get out of the ordinary and captivate travelers who are followers of the most popular animated series or movies of the last decades.

One of the first airlines to begin with this idea was Western Pacific, which stayed in the market only since 1995 to 1998; however, they led a mark with “The Simpsons” aircraft. In 1998, All Nippon Airways did the same by adding the characters of the famous Japanese series Pokemon to their design, in 2011, they released the last aircraft with this design. Last year this airline shook the planet with the “Star Wars” aircraft where the design is inspired to the beloved character of R2D2.

Like the two companies mentioned above, there are also others that have applied the same concept. Hawaiian Airlines recently unveiled its thematic plane allusive to the animated film Monoa. In Taiwan, Eva Airs is known for their unique Hello Kitty aircraft, released in 2012. In 2015, Thai Smile Airways introduced an aircraft labeled with the Cartoon Network’s characters based on its theme park in Thailand.

The last aircraft in this style was introduced in April of this year, thanks to the alliance between TAM airlines and Walt Disney World, we are talking about a Boeing 767-300, “The Plane of Dreams” whose design is inspired on the most beloved characters of Disney: Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy, who will escort you on your direct international flight to Orlando. So, isn’t it possible to fly in a fun way?


Max Brog
CEO, South American Jets


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