Hasta $300K al año puede ganar un piloto comercial en China

Commercial pilots in China can earn up to $300K annually

Chinese commercial pilots salary skyrockets to new high


Chinese airlines open their wallets to attract new pilots to the nation, as it happens that Chinese flight-training schools are not graduating enough number of pilots to keep up with the massive growth of the industry and there is a serious shortage of experienced captains.

These tempting offers have attracted many aviation veterans to live in this giant Asian country and it is estimated that in order to cover the projected growth in this market, 5,000 new pilots are required annually.

Many pilots have now migrated, their stories highlight that flying half the time they can earn twice or up to three times more than they did in their former companies. The Chinese aviation market estimates that as the demand keeps growing, pilots’ salaries will keep increasing.

It is thought that many western veteran pilots have come out of retirement to fly in this country. Employment offers are now around $25,000 monthly per pilot, a motivation large enough to fly again.

The aviation environment keeps growing worldwide and today, for China, literally, the sky is the limit. For which country will it be next?


Max Brog
CEO, South American Jets



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