Tráfico Aéreo, una autopista en el aire

Air Traffic, a highway in the air

How do the Air Traffic works?


One of the most frequent questions, when you take a flight, is: how so many aircraft do to be up in the air at the same time without crashing? Well, it turns out that these airships do not go up in the air without being checked. With the progress on technology, every day becomes safer to fly.

Pilots are guided by certain geo-positioning systems. These codes are given in 5 capital letters such as PESOT or LISNA. Depending on the combination of letters, it refers to a location or a landmark according to the nearest location.

Besides, there are certain basic safety rules on the busiest routes. One of them is that there are dispatchers who monitor all aircraft that go the same route to control the distance between them of 5 kilometers away from each other.

Another safety rule is based on the flight levels; it refers to the ceiling the aircraft must reach on a determined route. Flights heading west reach pair levels (ex: 280), while those heading east reach odd levels (ex:311). It assures all aircraft flying on the same route have 300m of height difference.

Certainly, it is a complicated system when you think about so many flights, so many routes, and so many aircraft around the world. What is simple is to take a flight and enjoy the ride while the experts take care of you.


Max Brog
CEO, South American Jets

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