Private Flights to Punta del Este

Private Flight Service to and from Punta del Este. Quote Now and have an answer in minutes.

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Private Flight Service to Punta del Este.

Our private flight services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to meet your requirements.

We are the most prestigious broker and operator in Latin America. We abide by the strictest quality and safety standards to satisfy the tastes and needs of those clients who value first-class service, above all else.

Air Ambulances

Our air ambulance service is ideal for transporting those patients (in critical condition or not), covering medical evacuation situations, or carrying out organ transfers.

Receive the attention of our highly qualified air medical personnel, flying in aircraft specially designed for the transfer of patients and equipped with the latest technology available.

Private Flights

Our private flights are adjusted to the requirements of time, destination, and protocol that our clients request. Indeed, charter flights in private jets provide great benefits and cover a wide range of possibilities, they are perfect for business trips, sports teams, companies, government institutions, and the entertainment industry on tours or special presentations.

Cargo Flights

We offer our clients cargo charter services. Our solid infrastructure and long history also guarantee us in this segment, we put at your disposal a wide range of aircraft, from small jets for urgent packages, to larger aircraft for large loads and tonnage.

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Why choose us?

We are the most prestigious broker and operator in Latin America. We abide by the strictest quality and safety standards to satisfy the tastes and needs of those clients who value first-class service, above all else.

With South American Jets you will have the following benefits

  • Departures to and from aerodromes where commercial airlines do not have access: Our services are very useful for companies such as mining and oil companies when they must access remote areas or places with limited facilities.
  • Flights adjusted to your schedule: our services adjust to your agenda and schedule.
  • Avoid security lines: Optimize your time by skipping long security lines and board your aircraft in less than 30 minutes.
  • Exclusive catering at your disposal: Pre-book a five-star catering with the most delicious options and enjoy it whenever you like.
  • Luggage and insured goods: We take care of everything important to you, including your luggage. Receive your belongings upon landing, avoiding going through the luggage strap.
  • Travel with your pets: As members of your family, your pets are welcome to fly on our aircraft.

Expert Agents:

We guarantee that our team will advise you on the best options for your trip, adjusting to all your needs and requirements.

Fast answer:

You will receive help from our team in 15 minutes, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


We take every flight very seriously, checking every detail to make sure we can fly safely, giving you the certainty that your trip is our priority.

Fleet of Private Aircraft in Uruguay.

Our service is developed to satisfy all the needs of our clients.

Cessna 182

Seats: 3+1
Speed: 145 Kts | 268 Kmh
Range: 773 Nm | 1432 Km
City: Montevideo

King Air E90

Seats: 5
Speed: 272 Kts | 504 Kmh
Range: 1024 Nm | 1896 Km
City: Montevideo

Citation Bravo

Seats: 7
Speed: 400 Kts | 740 Kmh
Range: 1720 Nm | 3185 Km
City: Punta del Este

Prices of Most Frequent Private Flights to Punta del Este.

All these rates are approximate prices of the most requested routes by our customers.
Rio de Janeiro - Punta del Este
Learjet 60
Cordoba - Punta del Este
Phenom 100E
Sao Paulo - Punta del Este
Learjet 61
Buenos Aires - Punta del Este
Phenom 100E
Santiago - Punta del Este
Phenom 100E
El Palomar - Punta del Este
Phenom 100E
Parana - Punta del Este
Phenom 100E
Posadas - Punta del Este
Phenom 100E
La Plata - Punta del Este
Phenom 100E
Rosario - Punta del Este
Phenom 100E
Corrientes - Punta del Este
Phenom 100E
San Fernando - Punta del Este
Phenom 100E
Resistencia - Punta del Este
Phenom 100E
Punta Cana - Punta del Este
Learjet 60

Charter Flights and Customized Private Flights.

Our private flights are adjusted to the requirements of time, destination, and protocol that our clients request. Indeed, charter flights in private jets provide great benefits and cover a wide range of possibilities, they are perfect for business trips, sports teams, companies and government institutions, and the entertainment industry on tours or special presentations. They are even advantageous for individuals or families who want to try an option other than commercial airlines to vacation, attend concerts, or major cultural and sporting events.

Efficiency and Punctuality

Fly efficiently and smartly and fit your trip to your itinerary.

The South American Jets private flight service allows you to save time on immigration procedures, and waiting times for check-in or baggage claims. Get to the airport 20 minutes before takeoff and stay away from the crowds.

Do you need a business flight? Keep it simple, tell us your itinerary, attend meetings or visit several sites on the same day and optimize your time.

Interior de Jet Privados

Luxury and Comfort

When you travel with South American Jets we guarantee you the best private flight experience.

Get to the aircraft through private terminals at airports, thus maintaining your security and privacy.

Choose the private plane that suits your needs, and enjoy an exclusive space, where you can rest in comfortable seats made and tailored with passenger comfort in mind.

Enjoy exclusive catering while you fly in our private jets: meals, snacks, or desserts, everything you want will be at your fingertips.

Travel to more destinations and fly safely with South American Jets.

With the standards and certifications

Experts in Private Flights

Airports in Uruguay

City Airport IATA ICAO
Artigas Artigas International Airport ATI SUAG
Colonia Laguna de Los Patos International Airport CYR SUCA
Durazno Santa Bernardina International Airport N SUDU
Maldonado El Jagüel / Punta del Este Airport MDO SUPE
Melo Cerro Largo International Airport MLZ SUMO
Montevideo Angel S Adami Airport N SUAA
Montevideo Carrasco International /General C L Berisso Airport MVD SUMU
Paysandu Tydeo Larre Borges Airport PDU SUPU
Punta del Este Capitan Corbeta CA Curbelo International Airport PDP SULS
Rivera Presidente General Don Oscar D. Gestido International Airport RVY SURV
Salto Nueva Hesperides International Airport STY SUSO

Frequent questions.

Our private flights are available for the moment you need them. The advantage of flying private is that you own your itinerary.

As operators and brokers, we have access to aircraft in most airports in America, if you have any requests you can contact us.

Yes, we also rent private helicopters.

“There is no minimum number of passengers for a private flight, we have aircraft with capacity from 4 passengers to more than 50 passengers.”

You can carry all the luggage that the aircraft allows, each jet has a maximum capacity, and you can choose the aircraft that suits your needs.

On a private flight, you can choose the aircraft, the departure airport, how many people will travel with you, catering on board to your liking (sushi, champagne, etc), and VIP attention for Immigration. Time adjusts to your plans.

Usually, 30 minutes before the flight is enough, for immigration and to check that everything is in order.

The passenger is indicated a meeting point at the airport where the FBO staff (VIP Lounge) or the crew awaits them. This personnel will escort you to your aircraft.

We have basic catering on each flight (Cookies, nuts, sodas, water, juices), however, you can request the food and beverage services you want with the person in charge of your flight beforehand.

If you can, if your pet has all its permits in order, you can enjoy their company on board.

We do carry out cargo flights, in fact, we are proud to have provided our service to NASA on two occasions.

Not necessarily, we would only need a valid and current passport to be able to go through immigration without any inconvenience.

It usually takes between 30 – and 45 minutes.

Our team will be waiting for you, guiding you throughout the immigration and customs process, then taking you to the aircraft.

It is not included, but if the client wishes we can add this additional service.

Usually, when a large group of passengers is going to travel, we offer the hostess service. It can be requested by the same client, always with an extra cost.

Yes, you can choose the schedule that best suits your needs.

Most jets have a Non-Smoking warning, however, when requesting your flight, you can request this requirement and the sales team will be happy to find you an aircraft that allows it.

Unfortunately not. We only offer services for the entire plane, even if it is only one person traveling.

Your Experience with South American Jets

Every flight is unique, so we take care of every detail to ensure you enjoy a tailored and singular service.
"Thank you very much; we will for sure reach out to your services in the future."
Marta Berrocal
Travel Coordinator, FIFA
“Overall had awesome response time and able to make accommodations last-minute”
Moriah Six
Administrative Assistant
“Completely Satisfied -Everything was excellent”
Cindy Staud
“Send me your standard operating procedures so that I may copy them in our operations. (laughing!) Your service is of the highest of quality and mirrors the service we aim to provide at Napa Jet Center. Your operation is a terrific partner for ours”
Cheli Morrison
Napa Jet Center
“Great Leyla, Thanks so much! I wanted to thank the whole team once again. Michelle for finding a competitive and good quality aircraft that was suitable to a group with high expectations. And to Leyla and Mayella for a very good service before, during, and after all 3 charters. Constant communication was the key to a very successful operation! The flights and catering onboard and crew service were very much enjoyed by the passengers. Looking forwards to our next charter together!”
Will Richardson
Gerente de Fretamento Aéreo - América do Sul

Reviews and Opinions

Excellent service, great team and smooth communication. A pleasure to work with South American Jet !
LE TUTOUR Patricia
LE TUTOUR Patricia
13. Junio, 2022.
servicio Impecable :antes,durante y posterior al vuelo ( MUY RECOMENDABLE )están en todos los detalles para que te sientas a gusto .
27. Diciembre, 2021.
Pasión y profesional, es la mejor opción en la región.
chiaming fan
chiaming fan
10. Diciembre, 2021.
I had nothing but pleasant feelings about the flight and was completely delighted with it. Lauren showed proficiency and was extremely courteous, provided excellent quality of service and was very responsive every time.
Stanislav Volkov
Stanislav Volkov
8. Diciembre, 2021.
South American Jets is a pleasure to work with. They are extremely professional. I received constant updates on my clients charter and they were very flexible and accommodating to any changes that were made. I look forward to booking more trips with them in the future!
tiffany sessa
tiffany sessa
4. Diciembre, 2021.
Todo perfecto y atentos en todo momento el equipo es de primera.
Mauricio Tepedino
Mauricio Tepedino
3. Diciembre, 2021.
Puntualidad Servicio personalizado 24/7
Karina Ibelli
Karina Ibelli
25. Noviembre, 2021.
Excelente servicio, altamente recomendable, desde que inicias tu viaje hasta el final del mismo siempre pendientes de ti
Ed Munoz
Ed Munoz
16. Noviembre, 2021.
Todo perfecto, horario, atención . Gracias !
Manu Robbiano
Manu Robbiano
12. Noviembre, 2021.