Travel in your own style, take care of your health!

The global pandemic caused by Covid-19 has transformed the lives of millions of people.  It has radically changed our daily lives.  Thanks to the professional experts who are doing their best to overcome this situation, there are several ways to prevent the spread of the disease have been discovered and recommended, such as washing your hands afterwards, keeping your distance from other people, using mouthpieces, among others.

This virus attaches itself to objects, walls, doors, tables and can remain there for days, depending on the environment in which it manifests itself.

For this reason, and for your greater security and hygiene, we take precautions, both in our aircraft, as in our crew, disinfecting very carefully each area, taking the necessary measures that have been established by the medical institutions and the recommendations provided by airlines. We know that this pandemic stopped many planned trips, businesses and many people were left far from home, far from their families.  That is why we emphasize that today a charter flight is not a luxury, it is a solution, in which applying the sanitary measures in our aircrafts, with the best attention you can travel with total security and your own style.