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   The business of private jets charters is marching ahead with steady growth.  At the same time, it is creating a wide range of expertise surrounding the industry as such. With sagacity, private leasing aircrafts companies and brokers are focusing their attention on the Federal Government. Enterprises are investing efforts and resources as to provide high-quality security services and confidentiality. Furthermore, big and small firms are specializing in delivering fast responses to a wide range of services needed in the governmental sector. A valid reason why some crucial industries perceive that hiring charters (either jets or any other type of aircraft) are becoming a growing business with a strong presence in the Public Sector.

Leasing aircraft for the Government Administrations

          We cannot start talking about doing business with the government without including, first, the administration borough. We speak of supplying flying services to a wide rank of politicians or administrative staff (from a first minister to a labor’s representative). We also include the corporations and industries that are implicitly associated with the government. A very good example to illustrate the utility of leasing aircraft is taking the today scenario in Argentina, with the Group of 20 Summit or the G20. Only well-specialized enterprises are able to rise to the challenge. Companies that can fly a bunch of high-profile finance experts from one building to another, using helicopters. Or enterprises that can find, in a moment notice a last-minute private flight to a far city and carry a group of civil-right representatives attending a conference.  And to do any of these tasks, the business requires high profile personnel with skills to solve: technical, political and operational problems

Leasing aircraft for Military Purpose and federal government surveillance

Most of the time, these sectors pursuit private enterprises that can respond to their needs, at a moment notice. Remember, fast response is the keyword. So, companies work conscientiously in building a solid network that gives them the maximum advantage to produce, in at short notice, the solutions required by the client.  Usually, it is finding the right aircraft to mobilize troops, or to fly big groups –like science´s specialists, mining, gas/oil executives or workers-. Also, air-cargos are sought after to transport heavy duty equipment or industrial structures.

          Let us talk about a specific aircraft: the helicopter. Choppers are highly in demand. They are Either used for surveillance, for wildlife surveys, remote site reconnaissance, aerial ranch surveys and the transportation of material and supplies to remote places. There are hundreds of international conventions held around the world, showing the latest avionics advances, applied to helicopters. That is why, knowing the protagonist role of a chopper in defense and government contracts, private enterprises either invest on having a helicopters ´flee or finds associations that reinforce the chopper department.  

          Finally, we will mention some other services that companies are able to provide to the public sectors: for Evacuation at disaster zones, for air-ambulance, for gas/oil industry contracts, for constructions contracts, and so on.


          The scenarios where the Power of States moves is susceptible to unpredicted changes. The challenges that meet the industry of leasing private jets are the flexibility and the ability to produce fast responses when needed it. Companies in private jets ‘leasing are up to the whatever it takes an approach to provide the service need. Hence, the industry will continue to grow in the future as predicted


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